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Why do I need fire sprinklers?

The idea of a fire breaking out in your house or business is a frightening one. If a fire begins to spread it could destroy home, or worse still, could harm your family. Fire damaged items can always be replaced, but families cannot. Fire prevention safety measures are a must.

In 2010 there were more than 300 recorded fatalities caused by fires in the UK. British residential and commercial safety regulations require that fire alarms are installed inside all properties. As the statistics show, these cannot be effective all of the time.

You May Not Be Fully Protected

Although smoke alarms can alert you to the presence of a fire, they aren’t capable of protecting you against fire damage or fatal accidents. These alarms can fail if the battery powering them runs out. There is also no guarantee that the alarms will wake you if a fire ignites whilst you sleep. Then there is the worry that you won’t be able to reach your fire extinguisher if it is in a room that is inaccessible because of the fire.

A fatality from a fire has never been reported when the home has been fitted with a sprinkler system. These systems are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to protect their home long term. Their track record has undoubtedly been proven and it is most likely just a matter of time before they become standard additions to newly built homes.

The Added Benefit of Fire Sprinklers

Reduced Home Insurance Prices

Installing fire sprinklers in your home can considerably reduce the amount of money you pay for your home and contents insurance. As the sprinklers reduce the amount of damage that will be caused in the event of a fire your premiums will be reduced by around 15 to 20%. Make sure that you let your insurance company know when you’ve had them installed.

Increased House Value

In this economy it can be extremely hard to finalise a sale on your home. Any added extras that your house has can push up its price. Having a sprinkler system fitted will appeal to those looking for a home as it will be extra safe.

It will also appeal to those buying for the rental market as they’ll be able to achieve higher rental rates on it. People will prefer to rent homes that they know are safe, so if you are a landlord installing them, it is a great thing to consider.

Reduced Damage In The Event of a Fire

If you have sprinklers installed in your home and fire does strike, you will sustain 90% less damage than you would if you did not have a sprinkler system installed. If you are unlucky enough to be affected by fire you’ll still be able to take comfort in the thought that it could have been much worse. As well as saving you money in repairs it’ll also reduce the risk of a drop in your home’s value.

You’ll Be Helping the Fire Brigade do their Job More Effectively

Home fire sprinkler systems only use about 1% of the water that the fire brigade would use to extinguish a fire, because the water is concentrated over the heart of it. Installing one of these systems won’t require a larger water system either.

By reducing the amount of work that the fire brigade has to do, you’ll be helping them to get out to more people in a greater need than you, people who perhaps don’t have fire sprinkler systems installed.

They Can Be Cost Effective

You can either use a dry or wet pipe system. If you are interested in saving money with your sprinkler systems, you may wish to consider alternating the type of pipe you have seasonally.

Having a dry pipe system during the winter months also reduces the risk of water freezing in your pipes which could cause numerous issues in the event of a fire. You simply have your wet pipe systems drained after the summer months.

You can save money here and on your insurance payments. The system costs around £1500 to install and will last you between thirty and fifty years. You won’t have to pay for batteries to keep it working and it isn’t connected to your electric supply. With the savings you make, the system would have paid for itself over its lifetime.

Common Misconceptions About Fire Sprinklers

A lot of people put off buying fire sprinklers, because they worry that they will go off when there is no fire. The occurrences of this are extremely rare, and have become even rarer over the last couple of years due to improvements in the technology used.

The sprinklers will not go off unless there is a substantial amount of heat that would come from a large fire; the gases that are released in such cases also trigger the system. Lighting your fireplace or burning your toast isn’t going to flood your home.

There’s another common misconception that once one sprinkler is triggered all of them will be triggered, causing substantial and unnecessary water damage. They only go off in the areas of your home where the heat and gases are detected.

You’ve probably seen numerous films where someone triggers a fire sprinkler by putting a lighter closer to it, only to trigger all of the sprinklers in the entire building; put this down to artistic license, as it is completely inaccurate. People also worry that they will spoil the look of a home. This needn’t be the case any more. Sprinkler systems can now be integrated within your ceiling whilst still maintaining the same usability.

So don’t just think of fire sprinkler systems as fire prevention measures, they can also be an incredible investment into your home. Hopefully you’ll never have to rely on them to save your life, but you may be able to rely on them to help you sell your home or at least reduce your outgoings. They can help you to gain peace of mind in a number of different ways.

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In 2010-11, there were 388 fire-related deaths in Britain, 28 fewer than in 2009-10. The highest number recorded was 1,096 deaths in 1979. (Source).

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